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We have accomplished a lot since we started gardening in the park during the summer of 2006. This all volunteer organization currently our board members meet monthly. Additionally, there are many other individuals who are involved and help throughout the year.
Up to now, our major gardening effort has centered on the lower portion of the park. This is the area that slopes downward from the wrought iron fence line and is adjacent to the freeway entrance and exit from downtown Minneapolis. The upper area of the park has 12 (25' x 3') gardens inside and along the wrought iron fence line. In addition, we have experimented with 7 gardens located in the upper interior portion of the park.
Going forward our attention will be directed toward the upper area of the park. Over the years we have established an excellent working relationship with MNDOT, the city of Minneapolis, The Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Association, EPNI, the University of Minnesota and many others. MNDOT has helped us in the past with design issues and has indicated that they would like to similarly assist with the planning of the upper area as we go forward. The actual area of the upper portion of the park is quite small. Nonetheless some of the items for consideration will be the replacement of the old wrought iron fence, night lighting of a number of the existing 28 honey locus trees, a water feature such as an appropriately sized water fountain, a bronze animal sculpture for the children's enjoyment and possibly a new overall design of the park's interior.
If you click on our "Home" tab, you will be more than entertained by a 24 minute video created by Craig Wilson in collaboration with EPNI, MNDOT, the city of Minneapolis, the University of Minnesota and others. This video is a complete history of Triangle Park from the mid 1970s through 2006 and concludes with many possible images of a "Triangle Park Tomorrow". You will not be disappointed.
The scale of these possible future projects for the park are large and significant financial support will be needed. Nonetheless, we will continue to meet on a monthly basis discussing these and other possible improvements and usages for this small green space which is the gateway to downtown Minneapolis.



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