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Triangle Park is located at the southern entrance of downtown Minneapolis. This unique parcel of land between the in-bound and out-bound access ramps to 35W has long struggled to become a welcoming gateway into downtown and the downtown business district of the city. The Park's evolving transformation from a weed-choked and desolate place to a beautiful flower garden with extensive landscaping is the result of the work of the Friends of Triangle Park, an all-volunteer non-profit corporation, in conjunction with MNDot and the City of Minneapolis.

The Friends of Triangle Park continue to work not only to make the Park beautiful, but also to become a place to relax, interact with neighbors and to provide a respite from the downtown urban environment.


Triangle Park was born in 1975 when the State of Minnesota, Department of Highways constructed inbound and outbound ramps to I35W, serving downtown Minneapolis between 4th and 5th Avenues and 10th and 11th Streets. The "triangular" parcel of land between the two ramps was thus created and the State put in an irrigation system, a seating area, and fenced the upper section of the park. It then planted a small forest of honey locust trees in the upper area.
The State, through the Highway Department contracted with the City of Minneapolis to provide services to the Park. The City agreed to build and maintain electrical service, lights, water, maintenance of the irrigation system, lawn mowing, trash pickup, and also, through the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, pruning and maintenance of the trees.

The City and the Highway Department (now MnDot) are now established  partners with the  Friends of Triangle Park and we successfully work together.

Triangle Park
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