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Vachel Hudson made it his mission early on that he wanted to help build communities and the next generation of leaders. Before jumping into his career in the nonprofit affordable housing industry, Vachel graduated from Kentucky State University, where he studied Mass Communications with an emphasis in Broadcast Journalism and Marketing. Vachel currently works for Aeon, a nonprofit housing developer, where his role is to identify residents who are at risk of losing their home, then intervene, mediate, and support positive changes to prevent eviction. Vachel was recognized as a Rising Young Professional by the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, the only African-American awarded in the inaugural class of 2018.  When Vachel is not preoccupied with work or studying for his MBA from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota, he likes to read community development and leadership literature, volunteer in under-served communities, build his brand and network within the Twin Cities.  Vachel plans to continue to push and fight for social justice, economic equality and mobilize the masses for a purpose greater than himself.

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